Python DB API 2

However imperfect may it be, it’s here to stay.

So enjoy!

class satella.db.transaction(connection_or_getter, close_the_connection_after: bool = False, log_exception: bool = True)

A context manager for wrapping a transaction and getting a cursor from the Python DB API 2.

Use it as a context manager. commit and rollback will be automatically called for you.

Use like:

>>> with transaction(conn) as cur:
>>>   cur.execute('DROP DATABASE')

Leaving the context manager will automatically close the cursor for you.

  • connection_or_getter – the connection object to use, or a callable, that called with zero arguments will provide us with a connection

  • close_the_connection_after – whether the connection should be closed after use

  • log_exception – whether to log an exception if it happens